New Product Launch Details From Thrive Themes

The last post New Plugin Launching Soon From Thrive Themes. And then Thrive themes revealed the first details of what the new product is about.

Thrive Headline Optimizer goes LIVE March 24th!
The new plugin will give users the easiest and most powerful tool for testing and improving the effectiveness of headlines in their blog posts by making them more compelling and click-worthy.

Think about how much of a craze for “content marketing” there is in the online marketing space, right now. The Thrive Headline Optimizer plugin perfectly taps into this trend, because testing and improving headlines is the number 1 greatest point of leverage for improving your content marketing.

Plus, all the big sites are doing it, which will add to the excitement we can build around this product.


Launch Details

As usual, it will have a time-limited offer during the launch period and make full use of the scarcity effect. In addition, they will be hitting it HARD on the content marketing front, which means you’ll have many opportunities to share valuable content… and get paid for it!

Here are the dates you need to know:

– March 24, 06:00 AM Pacific Time: Launch!
– April 4, 12:00 Midnight Pacific Time: Price increase (end of launch offer)

You can expect a spike in sales in the first two days and another big spike in the last 24 hours or so. We’ll be making it abundantly clear that the launch offer will go away, never to return again.

In addition to the time limit on the front end offer, there’s also a time-limited offer for the membership upgrade, so you can expect to see many additional sales coming in the 14 days after the initial launch window.

Thrive themes is WordPress themes built by people who understand online business requirements and conversion optimization with thrive content builder plugin focus on online business. And we provide many thrive promo codes for your saving.


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